The Importance of Upholstery

  • September 12, 2022

Upholstery refers to the artisanal craft of fabric furnishing, the art of providing furniture with an often incredibly complex series of padding, springs, and coverings formed of fabric or leather.

It can also signify the materials themselves. It’s a common belief that the craft of upholstery evolved from tent making and existed before the Ancient Egyptian era. It became recognised in the Middle Ages when the wealthy would adorn their homes with pieces such as padded cushions, ornate wall hangings, as well as the well-known four poster beds with decorative drapery.

By the 17th Century it became more and more common for wealthy households to have items of soft furnishing. A variety of materials were used for these pieces including grass, feathers, sawdust, and animal hair (usually horse or goat).

The evolution of upholstery in modern design included the use of more materials. By the 20th century, the invention of foam, and other synthetic paddings, became more popular due to their endurance, revolutionising furniture design.

At Ateliers London, we understand the importance of the visual aesthetic of a furniture piece but never compromise on comfort.

We combine style and form with carefully crafted interior elements that create comfort and longevity. Good quality furniture is not only about being visually striking, but also about being functional and hardwearing. This is why we take pride in working with the best materials to provide the highest quality upholstery. We love nothing more than discussing the intricate stages of upholstery with our clients, from foam or down selection to springs and fabric choice. This enables us to collaborate effectively with interior designers, creating not only pieces that meet the brief but that will stand the test of time, helping our clients to make more sustainable interiors.
To find out more about our bespoke and custom upholstered pieces browse of Projects section or make an appointment with our team.

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