Autumn Collaborations at London Design Week, Chelsea Harbour

  • September 24, 2023

Discover Our Dynamic Collaborations at London Design Week Autumn 2023 Showcase!

Get ready to be dazzled as we unveil our latest creations and exciting collaborations. The theme is to embrace vibrancy and dive into a world of lively and energetic palettes. Expect playful colour pops and the warm allure of Savannah sunsets. Paying homage to Country Houses, we've paid tribute to their charm, drawing inspiration from their timeless appeal, whilst inspiring our designs with Americana allure.

Get ready for a journey filled with design and excitement at Focus/23.

Our team of skilled artisans, craftsmen, and technical designers worked closely with our collaborators to produce exceptional custom upholstered furniture and cabinetry. Each handcrafted piece uses only the highest quality materials.


We're thrilled to announce this collaboration! Together, we've crafted an exceptional collection of upholstered occasional chairs, a sofa, and an ottoman.

Chase Erwin is a leading global business specialising in luxury interior textiles which are found in some of the worlds most beautiful houses, yachts, hotels and theatres.

Chase Erwin's textile collections are truly unique, forecasting design trends rather than following them. Drawing inspiration from nature, travel, and the world of luxury interiors, their collections boast organic textures.
It was a pleasure coming together with this international brand and creating some truly unique and beautiful pieces for people to enjoy.

We're also thrilled to introduce our partnership with JAB ANSTOETZ Group and OS Designs & Partners. JAB is dedicated to stylish living and premium fabrics, with an extensive range of exquisite decorative and upholstery fabrics, whilst OS is an innovative interior architecture studio, offering comprehensive design services, and structural development.


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