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We have built a reputation for producing bespoke upholstery and luxury furniture that exceeds expectations

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With over 20 years manufacturing experience, our team of skilled craftsmen, technical designers and furniture professionals are the very best in their sector, producing luxury furniture for leading interior professionals and Trade clients worldwide. From our London Workshops, we apply the same bespoke approach to each product, creating exceptional handcrafted luxury upholstery and high-end furniture. Our multi-skilled team are well versed combing wood, metal, stone with specialist metal and veneer finishes for both modern and traditional products.

The Workshops

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Bringing a wealth of experience and passion in our pursuit of excellence, we push the boundaries of innovation whilst preserving the traditional practices long associated with handmade luxury upholstery and high-quality furniture production.

We take pride in using only premium materials that are sustainably sourced, whilst carefully selecting partners that form our commitment to minimalizing our carbon footprint.

Our workshops apply the same bespoke approach to each product. The result is exceptional handcrafted luxury upholstery and high-end furniture produced to the highest standards in London, no matter what scale of the projector lead-time required.

With over 80% of our production tailored to clients exact requirements, from one-off upholstered items to metal and marble cabinets in less than 4weeks, bespoke production is in our DNA and our differentiator.